OLED TV is finally here. LG calls it the 55EA9800 Curved OLED TV, which does not seem like a very imaginative name, but this seemingly random streak of characters marks a groundbreaking product.

The 55EA9800 is a 55-inch OLED TV that features a curved panel. It is the first one of its kind and it is simply amazing. Design-wise it is obvious that this is a high-end product. It is sleek and relatively lightweight, weighing only 17kg. The base of the TV is transparent and it houses two speakers, out of total of five that provide 40W of sound power.

The panel that covers the back is made of carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic and it has a practical support purpose, but also does wonders for the design. The thickness varies depending on the place where you look. The thinnest section is only 4.3mm, but the base and the adjacent part of the TV house the electronics so the thickness significantly increases there.

Curved OLED TV

The product of this kind is bound to be packed with various tech features including all the ones of a Smart TV. There are two remotes – the ergonomically designed LG Magic Remote that takes remote control to a whole new level, but also the traditional remote for the people who do not wish to bother with new remote features. There are no buttons on the TV itself, but there is a touch panel for basic functions and a USB camera connectivity that enables gesture and voice control.

So, all this seems pretty great, but the panel is the real highlight here. The colors are remarkably better when compared to LCD or plasma TVs and the technology they used for the OLED is called ‘four-pixel’ system which is said to provide longer lasting panels and better screens.

Curved OLED TV

The contrast also stuns. Every picture on the TV looks amazingly sharp regardless of whether it is dark or light. Some people were worried that the curve would create problems with viewing angles, but LG people excelled here as well. This being said, we want to point out that we are not sure what purpose the curve has. LG says that the curve enhances viewing experience, but even if this proves to be insignificant, we have to say that it is a wonderful design touch.

Compared to other 1080p TVs, there is no way you will not like the 55EA9800.

However, having in mind the fact that Samsung is jumping on the OLED curved TV bandwagon it is safe to assume that the others will as well and this should push the technological advancements further and reduce prices. Looking forward to it.

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Curved OLED TV by LG

Back side of a LG Curved OLED TV

Curved OLED TV by LG

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