Here is the newest product from the renowned Cobra Electronics Corporation, which all the people who like putting the pedal to the metal will use with pleasure. The Cobra iRAD 230 is an application that alerts you when there are police radars nearby, which is an excellent replacement for common radar detectors.

The iRAD 230 is compatible with iOS and Android devices, but it will not interrupt the work of any Bluetooth or audio devices around. This high-performance radar detector works with the iRadar community and it will warn you about any type of radar in your vicinity, because its full 14-band protection spots all six types of laser guns and X-Band, Ka-Band, K-Band, POP mode or VG-2 radars. It also advises users of approaching emergency vehicles, road hazard locations, dangerous intersections, speed traps, speed and red light cameras as well as railroad crossings, so when it detects anything important, you will be alerted promptly and be able to avoid these areas easily. Essentially, the iRad 230 is a community-based detector, because it shares the locations in real-time with the Cobra iRadar Community, which makes its capabilities pretty awesome.

The Cobra’s iRadar 230 also has the 360 degree detection, which works with the Car Finder Tool, and it will show you the location of your vehicle on the map. You can also use it as a navigation tool, because it is able to draw a route to any destination with its Get Directions Tool.

This iRad is a great way to avoid speeding tickets and many bad spots along the road, and with its other functions, the conclusion is that the application itself is amazing. However, it does not drive for you so drive carefully. [via]

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Cobra Radar 230 community based detection system

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