Imagine what it’d be like to have a compact camera that can capture panoramic shots from multiple perspectives, filming both you and the landscape. Well, now you can have it – simply film every aspect of your adventure with CENTR, the latest handheld action camera produced by San Francisco-based Centr Camera Inc. that shoots 4K-resolution panoramic videos in 360 degrees at once.

Developed by former Apple team headed by Paul Alioshin and tested in prototype by Red Bull, National Geographic, FOX Sports and the U.S. Army, CENTR is a palm-sized halo-shaped panoramic camera roughly the size of a hockey puck that combines four separate 1080p webcams into a single stream that plays back omni-directional videos at up to 60 frames per second. The videos are stored as standard MPEG files on an 8GB internal flash drive and thanks to an interactive player, you can also stream videos from your camera via built-in Wi-Fi directly to your desktop, smartphone, or tablet (iOS and Android). Settings and live-view footage are controlled through the smartphone or tabled paired with the camera via Bluetooth, and you can also shoot incredible 360º time-lapse stills using the 20-megapixel time-lapse mode.

Thanks to high-precision calibration, CENTR tech runs 20 different variables through algorithms to ensure your panoramic videos and stills are smooth and highest quality possible, while the custom-designed optics make sure CENTR captures shots in highest possible resolution with minimal distortion. You can also use individual camera selection and adjust your settings in case you don’t want to shoot in 360° all the time. The camera features three microphones, USB 3.0 connector and a quick-release splash-proof modular battery that can be easily swapped on the go. The CENTR battery provides for some two hours of continuous shooting (six hours on standby) and you can also attach your camera on CENTR’s unique dual-use mount or any standard tripod mount for more innovative panoramic footage.

Grab yourself a piece of CENTR action camera – with its compact, sleek and powerful design, it will certainly make your videos much more dynamic and entertaining.

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