Top notch cameras can be pretty expensive. Actually, the better and more technologically advanced they are, the pricier they get. So, it makes a lot of sense to properly protect them and minimize the risk of damage when you’re not using them. In the last few months, we have featured quite a few camera backpacks and bags, fit for various purposes and situations, but the one we are featuring today has caught our attention because it is waterproof and you can completely customize it to your needs. It is called BESTEK® Advantage and is as practical and casual as they get.

Advantage Camera Bag practicality and style

This camera bag offers a lot of storage space and boasts a casual style

The Bestek Advantage Camera Bag has padded compartments for various things – your DLSR camera, up to three lenses, phone, chargers, flash and even an iPad. Additionally there are two smaller pockets and an internal zipper pocket. The padded pockets in this camera bag are shockproof and you can rearrange them whichever way you find suitable to properly accommodate and protect your camera and different gadgets and accessories.

Advantage Camera Bag features

From the pockets to the strap, everything on this camera bag is designed to be functional and convenient to use

The Bestek Advantage Camera Bag has a top flap and a removable shoulder / cross-body strap. There is an integrated belt loop for instant access and a padded handle. The dimensions are the following – outer bag measures 15 x 7 x 11 inches while the insert measures 12 x 5 x 7 inches.

Advantage Camera Bag padded inserts

By removing the padded inserts you can turn this camera bag into a regular one, used for every day items

If you take the insert out, the bag becomes much roomier and you can use it for various other things – when hiking, traveling or engaging in other outdoor activities. It can even be used as a school bag. The Bestek Advantage is a functional, practical and comfortable camera bag that provides good shockproof protection for your camera and related gear at a very affordable price.

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