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As micro-breweries are becoming more and more popular, who’s to say that micro-distilleries can’t achieve the same level of attention as well? Certainly not the team at Our/Vodka who distill a smooth, fresh and unique spirit blend. The idea behind the creation of Our/Vodka is simple; make something recognizable on a global level and keep the local personality and expression of the spirit drink. How did they manage to achieve this? Well, Our/Vodka is currently being distilled in Berlin, Detroit and Seattle under the same recipe and the only difference between them is that the ingredients are sourced as local as possible.

Our/Vodka global product

Our/Vodka is a global product made with locally sourced ingredients

In this way, the vodka remains essentially the same, but the micro-distilleries in each of these three cities add something of their own. This is how the magic of this vodka happens. In order to add more to its unique identity, the design of the bottle was kept very simple. And nothing says “simple” as a small bottle with a crown cap, an unconventional choice of package for a spirit drink. Even the label was kept pretty straightforward with no flamboyant details as it shows the city in which it was distilled and general spirit drink information.

Our/Vodka crown cap

The crown cap makes Our/Vodka Look very interesting

Our/Vodka’s micro-distillery was built for the particular purpose of creating this specific high quality drink and to remain small enough to be able to operate in an urban environment. These micro-distilleries also serve as tasting rooms, event venues and retail facilities where you can purchase a bottle of Our/Vodka.

Our/Vodka micro-distilleries

Our/Vodka micro-distilleries are also the retail facilities for this unique spirit drink

Our/Vodka is in the process of expanding to other large cities all over the world and if you would like your city to be a member of the Our/Vodka family and participate in the creation of this one-of-a-kind beverage, you can contact the people behind Our/Vodka. [via]

Check out this short video about Our/Vodka.

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