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Both amateur and professional photographers know the importance of having a bag that fits all of your equipment, and leaves it easily accessible. There are a lot of camera bags out there which offer decent storage space in a small and easily portable size, but they all incorporate zippers, Velcro and buckles which can reduce the accessibility to your gear. Town 30 has started a Kickstarter campaign in which they offer two models of camera bags which use a very different approach to the way you store, carry and access your camera or any other item you may be carrying inside. The two models of the Emissary camera bag are called the Burzin and the Cumbysis and both of these look amazing and have a lot of well-organized storage space.

Emissary accessibility

This camera bag allows you to access your gear with no effort, no matter where you are

Actually, out statement about a lot of well-organized space is relative to what you consider it to be because every compartment inside both of the Emissary bags are interchangeable and you can sort them out according to your personal preferences. The Burzin is the smaller of the two bags, but it’s large enough to fit a 13″ laptop, a professional camera and its lens. Everything else depends on the way you arrange the large number of removable pockets and separators which you get with the bag. It is available in three different styles: black, green and full top grain vegetable tanned leather.

Emissary Burzin

The Burzin can fit a 13″ laptop, a professional camera and a lot of other gear

The Cumbysis is slightly larger as it can fit a 15″ laptop along with the rest of your stuff. It also has three outer storage pockets opposed to the one large storage pocket of the Burzin. This model uses the same interchangeable pockets and separators as the Burzin and is available in black and green.

Emissary Cumbysis

The Emissary Cumbysis is slightly bigger than the Burzin and has more outer pockets

What is common for both of these Emissary bags is the lock mechanism, the lens cap mount and their durability. The lock mechanism was inspired by film-advance levers and it has an advantage over Velcro and buckles because you can open and close it using only one hand which makes your camera very easy to access. The lens cap mount is located on the side of the Emissary bag and it can fit caps of all sizes so you no longer have to put them in your pocket. The lens will also be very easy to access with one of these bags.

Emissary appearance

The Emissary bags have an incredibly appealing look

Town 30 has indeed made something very appealing and incredibly versatile as very few camera bags on the market offer this level of style and customization. If you are interested, visit their Kickstarter campaign page and for $295 you can have a Burzin Emissary bag in the color of your choice, and hurry up, as there isn’t much time left on the campaign. watch video below

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Check out a video presentation of the Emissary Camera Bag.

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