The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection From The Living Dead |By Max Brooks


If the movies and TV shows have taught us anything, it’s that the world is going to end, no doubt about that. We’ve seen so many different predictions on how the world is going to perish, but the most popular one involves deadly zombie virus and a pandemic on a global scale.

So when that time inevitably comes, you should really be prepared. This Zombie Survival Guide provides all the essential instructions on how to stay one step ahead of the infected.

It doesn’t matter if the zombies are slow and clumsy  like from “The Walking Dead” or incredible athletes from “28 days later”, you’re gonna need to follow this guide if you want to survive. This book teaches you how to handle a zombie attack, but it also provides important knowledge about the infected. It helps you understand their behavior so you can adapt perfectly to the world filled with flesh-eating creatures.

Two most important things you need to know about this world are: Stay quiet and aim for the head! If it’s not necessary to use firearms, don’t, the noise will just attract more of those mindless beasts. Cover all of your skin and keep your hair short, so they can’t scratch you or mess with your hair. No one likes that.

Remember, they’re scary as hell, but they’re about as sharp as a bowling ball, so use your head and think fast. These abominations are not good at climbing, so if you want to stay put, the key is to pick a high point or build some walls around you. But remember, it’s never a good thing to stay at one place for too long – you gotta keep moving!

You will need a backpack for your essentials – weapons, energy bars, water and make some room for this Survival Guide, it could easily save your life…and you’ll need something to read before going to sleep.

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