How to Survive Anything: From Animal Attacks to the End of the World


How to survive anything is a book that pretty much has a self-explanatory title. But if you thought that it’s just another survival guide, you’d be wrong. This book provides ample advice on how to survive any situation, no matter how incredible or unbelievable.

For instance, how to survive a meteor blast, a killer virus outbreak, or even a zombie apocalypse are all described in detail. Nevertheless, the techniques described are anything but comical or fictitious. The book was written by Tim MacWelch and the guys at OutdoorLife who definitely know what they’re talking about.

How to survive anything

The book includes real-life survival stories

How to survive anything covers everything from escaping out of a submerged car to defending yourself from a grizzly bear. The book has extensive information on essential gear needed to survive in the wild, as well as techniques that may save your life in urban area situations (like a mugging, a terrorist attack, or even total social collapse). In it, you’ll also find explanations of various predatory animal behavior and ways of dealing with them (from sharks to alligators) as well as techniques for sustaining life in prolonged disaster scenarios. The book is masterfully illustrated and has that high quality feel about it.

How to survive anything

You’ll find everything you need to fend off wild animals in this guide

So if you were ever curious about how to survive a global attack by killer robots or you just want to brush up on your survival skills, you’ll find this survival guide invaluable. How to survive anything is packed with useful information which the perfect gift whether for that survivalist friend of yours (we all have at least one) or anybody that likes to be prepared for anything life can throw at them.

Get it from Amazon here.

How to survive anything

With this book, you’re truly prepared for anything

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