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A week ago it was 21. October  2015, and unfortunately no one saw Marty McFly or Dr Emmett Brown. It was a sad day for all time traveling enthusiasts, but there is one product that can lift their spirits once again. It’s a brand new model of wristwatches from a Swiss company Klokers. The model is called KLOK-02 and it’s the perfect mix of old fashioned wrist watches and some of the newest technology available. When it comes to the design itself, it’s very old fashion and retro, but don’t let that fool you, its technology is absolutely astonishing.

KLOK-02 by Klokers wristwatch closeup

Old-fashioned designed combined with amazing technology – KLOK-02

With just one short click of a button you can easily change the time zone and one longer push of that same button will get you the exact date of that time zone. It’s very easy to use and it can come in handy when you’re traveling through number of time zones in a short period of time. Its design is timeless, created for literally every outfit you can think of. I’s very practical and classy. Bracelets are easily replaceable and there is a wide assortment of them.

Different bracelets for KLOK-02

The bracelets come in many colors and are easily replaceable.

For the ladies and gentlemen who are into old fashioned clothing styles, this wristwatch can be transformed into a pocket watch with one simple move. KLOK-02 comes with the patented  “Klokers Key” which will allows you to detach bracelets from the watch itself. That way you can add any other accessory and literally make up your own design and wear it like that. This masterpiece is made of polymer, a very light but strong metal. It can go up  to 5 meters (16 feet) underwater without being damaged and it’s equipped with Swiss micro motors – SOPROD SOP 813.

KLOK-02 as a pocket watch

You can also wear it as a pocket watch!

It doesn’t matter if you wear suits, sweaters or T- shirts,  KLOK-02 is created to go well with every outfit out there. So if you don’t own or wear suits, don’t let that stop you from buying this watch. We all know that clothes don’t make a man, but this watch will surely make you a gentleman.

Pre-order it from Kickstarter here 

KLOK-02 on different occasions

You can wear it with different outfits, on different occasions – but always be a gentleman.


Check out this video for more info about KLOK-02…

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