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5 Quality Mineral And Synthetic Motorcycle Oils And Which You Should Choose

Everybody knows that filling up your motorcycle with the correct oil allows for better engine performance, a longer lifespan and less emissions. There has also been raging arguments about whether mineral oil or synthetic oil is better for you motorcycle. Even though this doesn’t really have an easy answer, we will outline the advantages and …

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Deus Ex Machina Two-Up Yamaha Motorcycle


Custom made motorcycles are getting more and more popular these days. Deus Ex Machina is a workshop that builds various bikes based on some already existing models. Their newest project is a Two-Up Yamaha. This motorcycle was built around the Yamaha TW 225. Basically, this bike is a Yamaha TW 225, but it lost some …

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Yamaha’s MT-10 Naked R1 Motorcycle Is Dark And Mighty


Not that long ago we talked about the remarkable BMW’s brand new G 310 R bike and now Yamaha decided to shake things up a bit. We present you the dark and powerful Yamaha MT-10 Naked R1. This motorcycle looks like something Batman would be proud to have in his cave. If you remember the …

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There’s no better way to end a day than by jumping right in the saddle of your powerful motorbike and blazing off into the sunset to face the miracles the night has in store for you. Well, with the Dark Bullet freshly rolled out by Italian bike customizer shop Macco Motors, you’ll certainly get your …

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2016 Yamaha Wolverine R-Spec is the newest model presented by this company. It is going to be a compact 4-wheel off-road sport vehicle that cannot be stopped even by the roughest terrains and extreme conditions. The great looking Wolverine features a 708cc single-cylinder engine with dual overhead cams, which is more than enough to power …

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