Deus Ex Machina Two-Up Yamaha Motorcycle


Custom made motorcycles are getting more and more popular these days. Deus Ex Machina is a workshop that builds various bikes based on some already existing models. Their newest project is a Two-Up Yamaha. This motorcycle was built around the Yamaha TW 225. Basically, this bike is a Yamaha TW 225, but it lost some weight.

Deus Ex Machina has a main shop located in Camperdown, Australia, but it also has shops all across the world. You can find their shops in Indonesian town Canggu, in Harajuku, Japan, there’s one in Milan, Italy and one in Venice, USA. One of the builders on their team, Jeremy Tagand, did a complete makeover of the Yamaha TW 225. He removed all of the unnecessary plastic around the engine, leaving it completely naked. He then painted the engine and both wheels with a black paint, making them look mighty.

Back wheel and the engine photographed from the an angle.

This bike was built around the original Yamaha TW 225.

When it comes to suspension, this bike has the same suspension system as the original TW 225 with a few little changes. The front fork is now suited for a harder and more durable posture and on the rear end you will find a Black spring that has been compacted in a small compartment in order to provide a greater spring rate.

Bike and steering wheel captured from an angle.

People from Deus Ex Machina removed all plastic parts, leaving this bike completely naked.

People from Deus Ex Machina replaced the original tank with a vintage Husky aluminum fuel tank. This part of the bike was painted almost completely white with one black stripe. This fuel tank is the only thing that’s not black on the bike. Header pipes are going all the way down, surrounding the engine and ending right below it, where you can find a black exhaust pipe. The black EasyRider seat is very comfortable, so you won’t have problems with back pain during long rides.

Fuel tank photographed from the side.

The vintage Husky aluminum fuel tank is the only thing that’s not painted black on the bike.

Head light and tail light photographed from the side.

This bike has a double headlight and a double tail light. This makes it look more vintage and old-fashioned.

The original airbox was removed and replaced with a High flow K&N filter, providing this bike with a little bit more air for better overall performance. Unlike the original, this Two-Up Yamaha Motorcycle is equipped with double headlights on both ends. Those lights gives this bike a unique and vintage look. This black and cool-looking motorcycle is perfect for city rides.

The whole bike photographed from the side.

The original air box was removed and replaced with the High flow K&N filter.

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