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Dyson’s New Supersonic Hair Dryer


Sir James Dyson is an English billionaire, inventor, designer and engineer. He recently unveiled his newest accomplishment, a Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer. If you thought hair dryers can’t get better, you were very wrong. Dyson Supersonic is by all means an improved hair dryer. First of all, if will cut drying time with its V9 motor that works …

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The recent trend of making our furniture and household appliances smart has resulted in many of these items becoming more gadgets than appliances and furniture. From our beds, lamps and coffee machines to our thermostats and locks, many items in our homes are getting their smart counterparts. In light of this, would it be a surprise if we said that …

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The latest addition to the expanding list of smart household appliances is the iKettle by a company called Smarter. Get excited about this one, because if you hate groggy mornings, this neat little kettle will help you overcome them. The iKettle is the first Wifi kettle in the world and it allows you remote control over it …

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