The recent trend of making our furniture and household appliances smart has resulted in many of these items becoming more gadgets than appliances and furniture. From our beds, lamps and coffee machines to our thermostats and locks, many items in our homes are getting their smart counterparts. In light of this, would it be a surprise if we said that you can now own a smart trash can? Surprised or not, we are going to show you the Bruno Smart Trash Can, first of its kind and quite useful in keeping your trash disposal habits in check. The first and most noticeable feature this can is equipped with is an integrated vacuum cleaner at the very bottom of the can. In this ingenious way, you can sweep debris and dust directly into the can and save yourself the effort of sweeping it into a dustpan and then emptying it. However, this is not the only thing Bruno is capable of, otherwise it would not deserve the “smart” attribute.

Bruno Smart Trash Can vacuum

This trash can allows you to forget all about dustpans

The Bruno Smart Trash Can also has a motion sensing lid which you use to open it hands free. If you are particular about not touching trash can lids because of germs, then this is perfect for you, simply make a waving motion over the sensor and the lid will pop open for you. Powered by a strong 18-volt battery which allows it to function for about thirty days on a single charge, Bruno will also make sure that you never forget to empty it.

Bruno Smart Trash Can app

The Bruno Smart Trash Can comes with a companion app which helps you use it

This is accomplished through its companion app available for Android and iOS devices. The app reminds you of when you’re supposed to take out the trash and when you are low on bags. This trash can also has a trash bag dispenser so you don’t have to keep them in a different place; they will always be near when you need them.

Bruno Smart Trash Can trash bag dispenser

The Bruno Smart Trash Can is equipped with a trash bag dispenser

Available in several different colors: arctic white, slate gray, harbor blue, urban red and stainless, you will be able to make it fit nicely with the rest of your furniture. The Bruno Smart Trash Can is available for pre-order on Kickstarter and if you decide to purchase one, you will see it delivered sometime in October 2015 since the project got successfully funded in quite a short amount of time.

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