Dyson’s New Supersonic Hair Dryer


Sir James Dyson is an English billionaire, inventor, designer and engineer. He recently unveiled his newest accomplishment, a Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer. If you thought hair dryers can’t get better, you were very wrong.

Dyson Supersonic is by all means an improved hair dryer. First of all, if will cut drying time with its V9 motor that works eight times faster when compared to regular hair dryers. The motor is placed in the handle so the hair dryer has a different weight structure. With 1.8 lbs, it’s lightweight as well.

Dyson's New Supersonic Hair Dryer Grey

Dyson launched an innovative hair dryer that will revolutionize hair treatment.

Another big advantage is that it makes less noise. Part of this goes to the technology used, and part to a rubberized mount that prevents vibration and reduces the noise between the motor and the case. Dyson Supersonic keeps the temperature under control so it doesn’t overheat. Every 20 seconds it measures the temperature and reports it to the clever microprocessor. This feature keeps the surface cool, protects you from getting burned or damaging your hair. With airflow of 85 ft³/min and Ionizer that reduces static, Supersonic really is the hair dryer that will revolutionize the beauty industry.

The Technology Inside Dyson's New Supersonic Hair Dryer

The Motor V9 that is located in the handle is eight times faster than the ones found in regular hair dryers.

Dyson Supersonic has three speed settings and 4 heat settings. There’s also the Dyson Styling concentrator that helps you shape the hair and direct airflow where you need it and the Dyson diffuser designed to improve curls and reduce frizz.

It took £50 million, 103 engineers, 1,010 miles of human hair and 7,000 acoustic tests to create Dyson Supersonic and the result is fantastic. Shipping is planned to start in September this year. watch video below

Grey Dyson's New Supersonic Hair Dryer

Dyson’s Supersonic Hair Dryer won’t just cut drying time. It will also regulate the temperature and reduce hair damage.

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