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Top 5 Best Kaoori Chess Sets Review

Are you looking for a chess set? As a chess player, a chess set is crucial in making your journey successful. Picking the wrong set can hurt your game and lower your chances of defeating an opponent.Essentially, not every set in the market is a good idea. Some are of low quality, while others do …

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Roll Up Chess Set | By Raw Studio


Chess is one of the oldest games and it can be very challenging and entertaining. Every chess lover should have at least one great chess set. We’ve seen it all- wooden, magnetic, tiny, large, made from glass…but there’s one innovative and great looking Roll Up Chess Set you must check out. Raw Studio creates awesome and unique …

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This is definitely a one of a kind item that should be found in every household. Want to increase your analytical and strategic brain power? Perhaps even just have a corner of your home that portrays sophistication and elegance? Or, even need a good game for your travels? Then Paper Chess Set is the product …

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You are in the middle of a nail-baiting chess game, a move or two from the checkmate, and your dog accidentally runs into your table and knocks the chess board around! If you had Umbra’s Wobble Chess Set, this could not have happened since, even when knocked over, the figures would stay in place so …

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