Top 5 Best Kaoori Chess Sets Review

Are you looking for a chess set? As a chess player, a chess set is crucial in making your journey successful. Picking the wrong set can hurt your game and lower your chances of defeating an opponent.
Essentially, not every set in the market is a good idea. Some are of low quality, while others do not meet the required standards. Due to this aspect, searching for a chess set can be a hard task.
But this is no longer the case, as Kaoori has done the hard part for you. This company offers quality chess sets that align with international standards and personal preferences. Here are some of the top 5 Kaoori chess sets to consider:

12 Inch Olympic Mini Chess Set

Taste the new version of chess sets by acquiring this piece. The 12-inch Olympic Mini Chess Set is among the modern sets that are enhancing your experience. The set features powerful design and style.

Hand-crafted from high-quality beech wood and hornbeam, the set is durable and aesthetic. The chess set has a folding design, offering suitable space for storing your pieces. It is beautiful and appealing to everyone.

Also, due to its small size, the set is highly portable. So, it is a perfect choice for players looking to play chess while on the go. However, it is only good for personal or family games. The small size makes it unfit for major chess tournaments.

15.75 inch Box Style Wood Chess Set

Be unique with this outstanding chess set. The box-style wood chess set is a game-changer in the chess world. The handcrafted beech wood product has a unique box-style design for stability and offering adequate space for storing your chess pieces. It has appealing legs and edges that create a powerful ambiance for playing your game.
As well, the wide size of 15.75-inch offers a spacious area for moving your pieces with ease. Everything in this chess set is designed to last longer. The set features cast bronze hinges and beech wood, both of which have a longer lifespan.

Also, it comes with 32 pieces made of walnut and beech wood with a velvet fabric bottom. This combination offers an awesome gaming experience. However, its size makes it a bad idea for players who love playing chess while on the road.

15.7-inch Backgammon and Chess Set Bronze

Want to get a break from playing chess and try Backgammon? No better way to realize this goal than going for the Backgammon and chess set bronze. This set features both chess and Backgammon set to allow you to meet your preference.

The piece has a sturdy construction that combines beech wood, lacquered, and bronze. It comes with figurines and dice, plus the chess pieces allowing you to pick your favorite game. Also, it has a bag for easy carrying of the pieces and the board. The wide size provides adequate space to create a powerful gaming experience.

DGT chess sets

When you mention modern chess sets, DGT is the first name to click in your mind. The DGT chess sets bring technology into the chess world. They come with powerful features that enable you to play online at your pace.

Also, they feature tutorial and coaching modes that allow you to learn and boost your chess skills. Due to their enhanced design and features, they are a good idea for players at every level. However, they rely on technology and are prone to regular hitches like other digital devices.

Club Chess Set

If you want to establish a chess club, you need to consider a standardized chess set. Such a set should offer a club membership experience to the players. The club chess set is the perfect fit for this purpose.

The set meets international chess federations standards meaning you can participate in any tournament with it. However, the large size means you can only use it in a stationary space. So, it is not a good idea for traveling chess lovers.

Now, you know the best chess sets to consider. Pick your favorite and enjoy your game.

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