This is definitely a one of a kind item that should be found in every household. Want to increase your analytical and strategic brain power? Perhaps even just have a corner of your home that portrays sophistication and elegance? Or, even need a good game for your travels? Then Paper Chess Set is the product that you need! The entire design has been focused on ease of assembly and portability and hey, who doesn’t want something that is unique and rarely seen?

Paper Chess Set from an American publishing company Chronicle Books has been designed in a way that has been focused on fun of assembly and ease. The entire set is comprised of 32 die-cast chess pieces that are punched out, self-constructed and the best part is that it needs no glue! The board folds out and voila, you are ready to have a game. Paper Chess Set is perfect for travelling as well since all the pieces can be broken apart and flattened, and it also uses minimal storage space.

The designer says that Paper Chess Set is “A fun construction project that’s instantly perfect for hours of play and display!”. It couldn’t have been said better since the construction of the pieces gives an edge to the game and the elegance that’s portrayed is perfect for showcase.

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Paper chess set

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