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The QUARTZ Bottle – UV Light Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

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What if there was a reusable self-cleaning water bottle while at the same time purify the water inside? Introducing, The QUARTZ bottle, the world’s first mercury-free self-cleaning water bottle that uses UV-C Light technology to neutralize 99.9999% of odor-causing germs and bio contaminants from inside the bottle. Can you think of an item with a …

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OXO Strive Advance Bottle


With these hot summer months, wherever you decide to go it’s very important to get hydrated. There’s a new cool bottle you can carry around with you that will help you with exactly that. OXO Strive Advance Bottle is portable, easy to fill with water and ice and will contribute to your active lifestyle. Besides …

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The Flat Bottle | A Water Bottle That’s Changing Lives


With everything that we need to carry on a daily basis – laptops, tablets, books and other accessories – it has become imperative to be able to save us much space as possible. That is the idea behind The Flat Bottle. The Flat Bottle was designed to save space, be healthy, keep you hydrated and …

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