The Flat Bottle | A Water Bottle That’s Changing Lives


With everything that we need to carry on a daily basis – laptops, tablets, books and other accessories – it has become imperative to be able to save us much space as possible. That is the idea behind The Flat Bottle.

The Flat Bottle was designed to save space, be healthy, keep you hydrated and help other people around the world. They certainly did achieve this. The Flat Bottle’s minimalistic design means that it can slide into your backpack, gym bag or purse just like you’d slide in a laptop, book or tablet. It’s different and, as many of us know, different is a good thing.

The Flat Bottle at the beach and on a grey counter

The Flat Bottle’s sleek design does not only save space but looks cool as well.

The entire bottle is crafted completely out of BPA-free plastic which means that you’ll never get any toxins from the bottle to your water. To ensure that your Flat Bottle never leaks, it features a completely leak-proof screw on cap. The Flat Bottle has a capacity of 450ml and measures in at 5” x 8.5” (which includes the cap) and being flat, it only measures in at 0.75” at its flattest point and 1.25” at its thickest. This is definitely a major reinvention of the water bottle.

The Flat Bottle with palm trees in the background

For every Flat Bottle that is purchased, $1 goes to This means that you have a direct impact on the lives of others.

We did mention that The Flat Bottle is changing lives and that’s no joke. Apart from the way that we keep ourselves hydrated, the great minds at Flat Bottle have decided to donate $1 of every purchase to which means that they are helping 663 million people to get clean drinking water. So, by simply purchasing your very own Flat Bottle, you are directly helping those that are less fortunate.

To purchase The Flat Bottle click here.

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