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The Hammer Slingshot


The Hammer Slingshot is probably the most versatile slingshot you can get on the market. It’s designed in a way that allows you to master multiple shooting disciplines. The Hammer is at the same time a slingshot and a slingbow, so you can shoot both arrows and slingshot balls. In fact, to switch from one to the other, just …

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Crosman Pioneer Airbow


Every hunter needs a powerful and efficient weapon by his side. Firearms are mighty but they’re pretty noisy. Bow and crossbow are quieter solutions but it takes time and effort to reload them. Crosman Pioneer Airbow is a rifle that shoots arrows by using compressed air. This is a perfect combination of a mighty firearm …

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If you’re one of those people who doesn’t leave anything to chance, then you probably own at least some survival gear, which is a good thing. Having a tactical axe, survival knife or even a bug-out bag nearby could prove useful as these items can mean the difference between life and death. Credit card multitools are nothing …

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