The Hammer Slingshot


The Hammer Slingshot is probably the most versatile slingshot you can get on the market. It’s designed in a way that allows you to master multiple shooting disciplines.

The Hammer is at the same time a slingshot and a slingbow, so you can shoot both arrows and slingshot balls. In fact, to switch from one to the other, just remove and replace the head, it’s that simple. You can also attach all kinds of accessories to it, like the flashlight and wrist brace. The rail is compatible with any weaver or picatinny rail system. If you choose to attach the wrist brace, it can later be folded to secure compact storage.

Green Hammer Slingshot

The Hammer Slingshot has Ocularis band attachment that allows you to use different shooting techniques.

The Hammer Slingshot is made from glass filled nylon composite and features the Ocularis band attachment. This means you can set up whatever you see fit, from single tubes and flat bands to looped tubes and double flat bands. Also, the special hammer grip is there to ensure additional strength.

The Arrowhear Of The Hammer Slingshot

Just change the head and go from a slingshot to a slingbow. You can also attach the wrist brace or different accessories.

The Hammer Slingshot is designed to bring you speed and power. You can use it for hunting, of course, in states where slingshots are a legal hunting tool. As for the ammo, it’s best to use dense balls, but marbles, ball bearings and lead round balls can work as well. Just like we mentioned, arrows can also be used. If in any case, some part gets damaged, you can always order spare parts. The Hammer Slingshot will bring a lot of fun but it’s also a seriously powerful tool. We recommend you pay attention when firing and also take care of your slingshot so you have for many years to come. watch video below

Check out this video and see all the features of The Hammer Slingshot.

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