Crosman Pioneer Airbow


Every hunter needs a powerful and efficient weapon by his side. Firearms are mighty but they’re pretty noisy. Bow and crossbow are quieter solutions but it takes time and effort to reload them. Crosman Pioneer Airbow is a rifle that shoots arrows by using compressed air. This is a perfect combination of a mighty firearm and a quiet crossbow.

Pioneer Airbow has a body of a rifle so it’s easier to carry it around than a crossbow or bow. The configuration and mechanics of this gun are similar to the ones used on a bullpup gun. Since this Airbow uses compressed air, it has an integrated pressure regulator. Its maximum power is 3000 pound-force per square inch, and when it’s filled to the max this weapon can shoot up to 8 full-size arrows. Besides the mentioned arrows, the Pioneer Airbow can also shoot broadheads.

Whole Airbow captured from the side.

Pioneer Airbow by Crosman is 35.5 inches long and it weighs only 7 pounds.

A man holding an Airbow captured from an angle.

Pioneer Airbow has a maximum power of 3000psi.

Arrows fired with this Airbow travel at an impressive speed of 450 feet per second (fps). Just to paint you a better picture of how fast that really is, arrows fired from recurve bows are traveling at 225 fps and the ones fired with a crossbow travel at 300 fps. And in addition, this Airbow can be reloaded very quickly. People from Crosman are saying that you can fire all 8 arrows with this Airbow and it will take you the same amount of time it takes to fire just 3 arrows using a crossbow.

Man walking through some bushes with an Airbow in his hands.

When it’s at its maximum capacity the Airbow can shoot 8 arrows at 450 fps.

A man holding an Airbow captured from behind.

The arrow speed of 450 fps will provide the hunter with a more balanced trajectory and better accuracy.

This increased speed will improve the accuracy during windy conditions and it will offer an extremely balanced trajectory. 3000psi will also provide the hunter with an impressive range. When it comes to dimensions, this Airbow is 33.5 inches(85cm) long and it weighs only 7 pounds(3kg). Regarding the accessories, Pioneer Airbow comes with three 375 grain carbon fiber arrows with nano ceramic Victory ICE coating for increased speed, penetration and easier retrieval. You’ll also get a CenterPoint 6×40 mm optic with custom MTAG reticle that will provide you with accurate aiming up to 75 yards(68m). The Pioneer Airbow by Crosman will be available in April this year.

A man holding the Airbow and aiming.

This Crosman Pioneer Airbow will be available on the market in April this year.

Check out the presentation of this Crosman Pioneer Airbow here.

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