Shaveface Strop Keeps Your Disposable Razors Sharp For Months


If you don’t know what a strop is, then you’ve probably never been to a barber’s shop. They use it in order to keep the razor very sharp. But when you buy a disposable razor, you’re not really going to sharpen it, would you? Good news, Shaveface Strop does exactly that.

This cool item will quickly become a regular part of your grooming routine. The guys over at Shaveface claim that by using it, you will get “500% more use out of your razors and save you up to $100 a year.” The Strop uses premium leather and American-made denim allowing you to smoothly sharpen the blade.

a detail on Shaveface Strop

The strop is made from leather and denim.

By using Shaveface Strop, you will have a sharp razor every single time you decide to shave as well as keep the razor clean. Since in the USA people throw away around 2 billion blades every year, you can contribute to lowering that number. Another cool feature is that you can roll it and save storage space which is especially useful for traveling. Finally, you can personalize it by getting it embossed.

shaving strop on a counter

It will keep your regular blade sharp for 3-5 times longer.

shaving strop rolled

When you’re not using it, simply roll it.

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