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Harry’s Essential Travel Dopp Kit


In one of our gift guides we covered Harry’s Shaving Kit and we’re not the only ones who agree that they produce some of the best shaving systems and accessories. We’re happy to introduce you to a new addition – Harry’s Essential Travel Dopp Kit.  This super handy kit comes with the German-engineered highest quality blade. …

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Shaveface Strop Keeps Your Disposable Razors Sharp For Months


If you don’t know what a strop is, then you’ve probably never been to a barber’s shop. They use it in order to keep the razor very sharp. But when you buy a disposable razor, you’re not really going to sharpen it, would you? Good news, Shaveface Strop does exactly that. This cool item will quickly become a regular part …

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Razor Ripsurf | Surfboard For The City


Each season brings new adventures. Winter is the time you’re off somewhere in the mountains and summers are perfect for avid surfers. Razor had an idea to bring snowboarding and surfing experience on the streets and the result is this cool looking surfboard for the city. Razor Ripsurf is a 2 wheel caster board that will …

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ShaveSmith Kamisori Straight Razor Kit


Respecting the traditional Japanese razor, ShaveSmith crafted this Kamisori Straight Razor Kit that’s ready to use straight out of the box. This razor will give you the ultimate shaving experience, the old school style. Each one is handmade with exact precision and since the handle pattern is always different, you get a 100% unique razor. Kamisori Straight Razor …

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Razor DXT Downhill Drift Trike


When you hear the word Trike, you automatically think “well, that’s something kids are often playing with”, and you are right, well, at least most of the time. This Trike, however, is a very serious, grown-up toy. We present you Razor DXT Drift Trike, made for extreme downhill rides that’ll take you to your limits.  Unlike …

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OneBlade Razor | The $300 Razor That’s Guaranteed For Life


If you don’t like to grow your beard, shaving it regularly can be a pain in the ass. You’ll want to have the best shaving device possible, to keep your effort minimal, but still have the best effect. OneBlade Razor was made to become the world’s best razor. Let’s see why. OneBlade Razor is made to …

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Are those annoying prickly facial hairs giving you a hard time? Do you get a bout of ‘Oh, no, not again’s every time you grab the razor? Well, then, you’ll be glad to know that you no longer need to put yourself through that agonizing scraping routine, using run-off-the-mill blade sets that leave your skin …

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