Matador Surface is an odd (good) name because it is very obvious. Like the movie Snakes On a Plane, you know what you can expect. It is a portable and rugged surface on which you can do just about anything and not ruin it. It can be folded to a very small size (7.5″x4.75″x1.75″) and when it’s unfolded it’s quite large (58″ x 36″). It even has Easy-Pack instructions printed on itself, plus a detachable storage strap, so “portable” might be an understatement.

A guy repairing car using matador surface

It is made of ultra-durable composite material, which makes it waterproof, along with being gas, oil and grease resistant. As you can see, it’s perfect for Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor. But let’s not be biased towards home improvement and include construction, photographers and DIY mechanics. Just about anybody who has dirty tools and wants to put them down without making the place dirty will find it useful.

Matador surface accessories

Matador Surface has an integrated hardware trap to prevent you from losing nuts, bolts, and small stuff. And that’s not all folks, since there are extra features like metric and standard ruler markings, a mm rule which is precision laser engraved, protractor corner and angle marking detents. When you finish the job, there are 4 bottle openers for celebration. All the hardware is made of stainless steel.

Get it from Amazon here.

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