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Socket Roll | A Portable Socket Storage


Today we’re talking about a useful addition to your tool drawer. In fact, Socket Roll is just like a portable carrying case that will allow you to easily store and have all your sockets close at hand. It’s currently being funded on Indiegogo so this is the perfect time to head there and check it out. …

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Barrett 31 Piece Pegboard Set | By Symple Stuff


If you like to keep your tools well organized, then you know that keeping them in drawers or boxes doesn’t always do the trick. It’s super important to have your items at hand because no one likes to spend precious time trying to find something that might be misplaced. Today, we have a solution for better …

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RediTape Pocket Duct Tape


We all know you can fix pretty much anything with duct tape. The problem is when you have an emergency and simply can’t find it or don’t have it with you. Luckily, with the RediTape Pocket Duct Tape that will never happen again. First of all, this is a really high-quality duct tape. It’s very strong, durable and …

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Everbuying Scorcher Summer End Of June Sale

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With prices dropped up to 79%, it would be crazy not to go and take a look! We are all familiar with the great products at ridiculous prices that Everbuying has to offer. Now with their latest sale, the Summer Scorcher End of June Sale, they have dropped prices on a variety of electronic goods, …

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Fiskars IsoCore Hammers | True Leaders In The Industry

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Having the right tools is the first step towards completing a job. Hammers are the essential part of every toolbox, so naturally, they have to be durable and also comfortable to use. These IsoCore Hammers by Fiskars are designed in a way that they reduce the vibration which is transferred to your arm when you’re hammering …

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Freescape Camp Saw | By Gerber


Camping equipment is getting more and more advanced and while the focus is primarily on tents, sleeping bags and other accessories, you mustn’t forget a good saw for cutting firewood to keep warm. The Gerber 31-002820 Freescape Camp Saw is a very compact, safe and highly efficient saw that features an innovative design. It features …

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Tops Micro Hawk Tomahawk Axe


Tops Knives is a company located in the Rocky Mountains, USA and they specialize in making EDC tools and blades handcrafted with the help of experienced Military and Law Enforcement operators. Tops Micro Hawk Tomahawk Axe is essentially a multi-tool that can be used as an axe, knife or a karambit. This everyday carry tool …

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EKA Viking Combi Foldable Saw

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When you’re outside camping, hunting, or doing any outdoor activity, you’ll need good tools. EKA Viking Combi Compact Saw is especially practical because it folds up and takes little space. You can easily store it in your tool box, truck or hunting pack. With just 12.7ounces, this saw is very lightweight and you can get it …

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Matador Surface is an odd (good) name because it is very obvious. Like the movie Snakes On a Plane, you know what you can expect. It is a portable and rugged surface on which you can do just about anything and not ruin it. It can be folded to a very small size (7.5″x4.75″x1.75″) and …

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If you like to dabble in the mechanical intricacies of bicycles, then you probably have the tools necessary for this hobby. Of course, if you are an actual mechanic then you definitely have the tools needed for this job and you will recognize the quality of Park Tool’s MK-246 Master Tool Kit. The “master” in the …

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