Are you tired of spending hours getting your lawn mowed and making it look just right? Would you rather spend your free time relaxing after a hard day’s work? Then maybe the guys at Worx have the perfect solution for you. Their newest Landroid robotic lawn mower is definitely the future of automated yard work. It is fully automatic, cordless and unlike other similar devices, has sensors and an AI in it, which give it an edge over the competition.

With it’s AIA (artificial intelligence algorithm) the Landroid can easily navigate through your garden without destroying your wife’s prize winning petunias or knocking down those expensive garden post lights. Just plot in the wire guide, and you’re good to go. The robotic mower comes with preset operating programs and can connect to your mobile device for maximum control and efficiency.

Worx Landroid robot lawn mower

In addition to that, the Landroid comes equipped with rain sensors, so it automatically stops operating in wet conditions and starts up when the grass is dry again. Uneven landscapes are no longer an issue. The Landroid can easily traverse up and down a 20 degree angle slope. The device is powered by a Li-Ion battery and has zero emissions. When its battery is low, the robotic mower autonomously goes back to it’s station for recharging. It also has a security PIN system, which prevents other people from controlling it.

There is a number of models to choose from based on battery life and autonomy. The largest model, the Landroid L can service a space of up to 2000 m² so even the biggest lawns can be kept in pristine condition. [via]

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Worx Landroid robot lawn mower avoids obstacles

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