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Have you ever daydreamed about leaving behind the dreary city life and taking refuge on a tropical island in the middle of the Pacific? If so, then the news is good – you may soon be able to make your dream come true as the Brando Resort announced opening in July 2014.

Situated on the Tetiaroa atoll, the exotic haven that was once private property of Marlon Brando, the resort strives to combine eco-friendly technologies and maximum comfort to please nature lovers and all those seeking a quiet retreat from the hectic life of the modern day.

Tetiaroa was once an exclusive summer resort for Tahitian royalty. Hollywood legend Marlon Brando first saw the tropical splendour of French Polynesia when filming “Mutiny of the Bounty” and it so enthralled him that he decided to purchase the island and turn it into his personal paradise. The atoll was recently bought by Tahiti Beachcomber SA who announced that the island will soon open to the public as a resort, named simply The Brando, comprising 35 private villas along the coast of Motu Onetahi.

Marlon Brando Resort

Brando had a vision of Tetiaroa as a completely environmentally sustainable and energy independent community, and the current owner will seek to carry on the legacy and provide an eco-friendly sanctuary for tourists.  In order to preserve local wildlife, Tetiaroa favors carbon-neutral transportation, renewable energy sources and organic farming, which also helps establish an unfettered connection with nature and restore balance to everyday life.

Tourists are guaranteed privacy, contentment and luxury in one-, two- and three-bedroom villas. Each villa has a private pool and beach area and is equipped with comfy furniture, built to reflect the local tradition and lifestyle while at the same time ensuring maximum leisure and tranquility.

The Brando resort features a deluxe Varua Polynesian Spa which draws mostly on the traditional treatments based on steam baths, massage and yoga, sometimes combined with modern relaxation techniques. The retreat also offers a variety of accompanying programs, excursions and recreational activities such as bicycling, swimming, bird-watching, diving, snorkeling and kite surfing. Visitors who prefer their vacations to be as laid-back as possible may also decide to spend their time at two restaurants and two hotel bars.

All in all, the Brando resort will certainly prove an invaluable experience for all those seeking a temporary escape from the fast-paced urban lifestyle. Marlon Brando loved it; you will too. watch video below

Beach at Marlon Brando French Polynesian Resort

Hut on Marlon Brando French Polynesian Resort

Accomodation at Marlon Brando Resort

Reefs at Marlon Brando Resort

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