Probably the biggest competitor to the Track N Go system is the Dominator track system, which is one sturdy setup. It is a system that makes almost any mid-size 4×4 passenger car immeasurably more useful on harsh terrains such as snow, slush, ice, mud, marsh or swamp. It can be driven on dry surface for a while at lower speeds.

The system is consisted of snowmobile tracks, bogie wheels, and slides all of which are very durable and require almost no maintenance. Should it happen that you need to replace some parts you should know that they are offered in local snowmobile and car parts shops. The parts that are not, like frames, rails and drive sprockets are made of high quality North Michigan steel so they are definitely not likely to have any maintenance issues.

Dominator Tracks on a Jeep

The system also increases clearance of your car. On average the figure is about 6 inches of added ground clearance, but it can be a lot more – for example a Chevrolet Blazer will get about 9 inches of additional ground clearance.

There are two versions that differ in size. The Dominator weighs only 176 lb and has the height of 21 inches, length of the ground side of 48 inches and width of 15 inches. These numbers provide the flotation surface area of a track to 720 square inches which adds up to 2,880 square inches for the entire system. The larger Dominator XL weighs 193lb, has the same height and width, but it is 9 inches longer increasing the flotation surface area of a track and system to 855 and 3,420 square inches respectively. This can reduce your car’s ground pressure to less than 2lb-sq inch which means that it is very unlikely that you’ll ever get stuck with these on.

The Dominator system can be installed on most 5 and 6 bolt hubs and adaptors make it available for some 7 and 8 bolt hubs. watch video below


Dominator Car Tracks System on a Jeep

Dominator Tracks snow removal jeep

Dominator Car Tracks System

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