LapPad GO+ | The First Mobile Workstation With Built-In Charging

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With our current society, working on the go has become an essential factor. With the advent of mobile telephony and wireless internet, we are literally doing everything mobile. Why not do it in style? Introducing the LapPad GO+ and LapPad +!

Pre-order from Kickstarter here.

The LapPad Go+ and LapPad + is the world’s first powered mobile work station. This unit comes complete with space for your laptop, smartphone, tablet, mouse and EDC.

Gadgets, wallet, passport and keys being used on the LapPad GO+

The new LapPad gives you the ability to use your laptop, mobile, tablet, and even has a mouse pad, all at once while still being mobile.

Essentially, the LapPad is a complete work station that allows you to work, or play, while on the go. It enhances our daily lives by increasing time management and it gives us the ability to work remotely. Check out the video below.

The beauty of the LapPad comes in the fact that it cannot only give you an amazingly stable work surface, but that it gives you the ability to use your smartphone, tablet and laptop all at once. In addition, it also comes with an 8,000mAh power bank built into it that allows you to use your devices for longer.

Charging ports of the LapPad GO+

The built-in 8000mAh power bank allows you to charge your devices while on the go. Feautring 2 USB ports – one regular, and the other a 2-amp Quick Charge port. It also comes with a LED light so that you can find the ports in the dark.

It also comes with two USB ports for multiple charging and an LED light to find the ports in the dark. One of the USB ports is a regular, while the other is a 2-amp quick charge port.

LapPad GO+ with gadgets on the bed

It gives you true freedom to work how and when you want to!

At the moment, you can purchase the LapPad in two different models; the LapPad GO+ that is designed for laptops up to 13” and the LapPad + that was designed for laptops up to 17”. Both of these designs are lighter, thinner, and more compact for easier transport, that its predecessor.

So, head over to Kickstarter now to get your hands on an early bird special!

Pre-order from Kickstarter here.

This project was co-founded by Christian Minnetian, who is also the founder of, and Kevin Conabree. They are both from Montreal, Canada.

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