Twelve South ParcSlope | Hybrid Laptop Stand And Tablet Desktop Wedge


Earlier this year, Twelve South released ParcSlope, a stand for Apple MacBook and iPad Pro. It’s ideal for both since it elevates them to a 18-degree angle, which is very comfortable for typing, drawing and sketching. You can use ParcSlope to make yourself a workstation that has the perfect height. 

It’s a one piece stand made from aluminum and weighs 2 pounds. ParcSlope can be used for 11, 13 or 15-inch MacBook. It has rubber coatings on the front and the back, so when you put your device on the stand, it’ll have a comfortable fit. The soft silicone will make sure it stays in place.

Drawing on iPad Pro while on Twelve South ParcSlope

With a 18-degree angle, it very comfortable to type or draw.

When you put an iPad Pro on it, there’s even space left to put the Apple Pencil at the top. Also, whether you use an attached keyboard case or like on-screen typing, the position and the view will be natural and comfortable.

Typing on Macbook while placed on Twelve South ParcSlope

The open wedge design will keep your devices from overheating since airflow will be increased.

There’s an accessible integrated cable management when you need to charge your devices. With the open design, this stand will increase cooling and airflow of your devices, so you don’t have to worry about overheating. ParcSlope angles your MacBook and elevates it to a neck-friendly position.

Twelve South ParcSlope On The Desk

If you use additional screens, try putting ParcSlope in front of it, to make it more comfortable for your neck.

Also, for those of you who use an additional display, ParcSlope can come in handy. Twelve South suggests to put the Macbook on the stand and in front of the additional screen, that’s lifted a bit. This is a good way to keep your neck comfortable since you don’t have to move your head left or right all the time.

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