Herschel Supply Co Little America Backpacks


The Little America Backpack line from Herschel Supply Co. has amazed us for several reasons. First of all, these backpacks are extremely well-designed as they feature a refreshing, casual appearance and they are convenient to use as they offer a lot of space for all important things you need to have on you. Another important thing to note about their appearance is that the color variations of this backpack line are numerous, there isn’t a chance that you won’t be able to find one which suits your preferences. From simple, one color versions to excellent color combinations, the Little America Backpacks have 29 different color versions.

Compartments of the Little America Backpacks

Little America Backpacks storage space

These backpacks may not seem as if they have enough space for your stuff, but they can fit a 15″ laptop and a lot of other items as well

This line of backpacks is best suited for the urban explorer as they offer a special compartment for your laptop and several other ones for smaller gadgets. Its overall capacity is 23 liters and this may not seem all that spectacular. But because the dimensions are 20″ x 11″ x 6.5″,  this volume starts to look more appealing. The laptop compartment is separated from the main compartment and is sufficiently large enough to house most 15″ laptops. The main compartment, as the largest one, is further enhanced by internal Velcro pockets which are big enough for media players or smartphones.

Little America Backpacks comfort

The Little America Backpacks have padded straps and back side so you can be comfortable while wearing them

A cool thing about one of these Velcro pockets is that it comes with a hole designed for headphones cables, so your smartphone or media player can stay secure while you move around. This main part of Little America Backpacks is secured with a magnetic flap closure and a cinch.  There is also an outer compartment suitable for your wallet or personal documents.

Design of Little America Backpacks

Little America Backpacks style

One of the most amazing things about this line of backpacks is that they are available in a very large number of color variations

We’ve mentioned that Herschel offers 29 different color variations/color combos which makes it one of the most versatile ones in terms of appearance. For some, this number of choices may prove difficult to choose from, but different options is what most will appreciate. From simple black and navy, to foliage and woodland camo combinations, the versatility of Little America Backpacks will make you want to have more than one.

Next time when you start looking for a new backpack, consider checking out Herschel Supply Co.’s Little America Backpacks as you can make them easily fit with your personal style and, of course, you’ll be able to carry everything you need because of their capacity. [via]

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