Booq SP-GRY Slimpack


If you want to carry your camera equipment, laptops, tablets or other gadgets in a backpack, you should find one that is first of all very compact. This is the case with Booq SP-GRY Slimpack.

Another important feature that is a must-have is its ability to keep your equipment protected. Booq SP-GRY Slimpack has a tough, water-repellent ballistic nylon bottom and a removable cover that will protect the inside when it’s raining or snowing.

A Guy Holding Booq SP-GRY Slimpack

Booq SP-GRY Slimpack is a compact and protective backpack for your camera equipment.

Tripod Attached To Booq SP-GRY Slimpack

You can also easily attach a tripod to it. In case or rain or snow, use the removable cover to secure your things.

The thing that makes it that compact are the dividers inside that you can adjust for your equipment in order to maximize the space. It can easily fit two DSLR cameras, a large zoom lens and up to 4 mid-size lenses. Of course, when designing it, they didn’t forget about the rest of the necessities like laptops tripods. There’s space to fit a 12″ MacBook or a 10″ tablet/iPad. To attach a tripod to it, just place one leg into the bottom pouch and close the buckle.

Booq SP-GRY Slimpack Opened

It can fit two DSLR cameras, a large zoom lens and up to 4 mid-size lenses, a 12″ MacBook or a 10″ tablet/iPad.

Booq SP-GRY Slimpack From The Side

You can use the side compartment to place different accessories, memory cards and chargers.

The two-strap design allows you wear it the way you like it and you can access the gear from the sides or the top. Inside, you’ll find plenty of pockets for accessories and memory cards. Booq SP-GRY Slimpack weighs 3.1 pounds and its dimensions are 16.1 x 11 x 8.3 inches.

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Check out this video and learn how to pack your camera gear in the most efficient way. 

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