If there is one ingredient that is absolutely vital for making that perfectly delicious cup of java, that is getting a dose of freshly ground beans right. So, how do you achieve it? Simple! Get yourself Breville’s BCG800X Smart Coffee Grinder and your problem is solved. Thanks to its Dosing IQ feature, this grinder automatically calibrates each dose every time you adjust the grind. Yes, this sounds very technical but you do want the perfect cup of coffee, don’t you?

Breville BCG800X coffee grinder

Breville BCG800X Smart Grinder comes with a backlit LCD screen which displays information like grind setting, a number of cups or shots and the grind amount. This grinder has 25 settings, believe it or not, including percolator, French press (also known as a press pot or coffee plunger), espresso and drip. Another feature that we are impressed with is the Bean Hopper which has an air-tight lid and locking system that ensures effortless removal and transfer of coffee beans. A word of advice, although it looks like a coffee bean storage, the Bean Hopper should not be used as one for a longer period of time.

Breville coffee grinder

We should mention that all parts of the BCG800X Smart Grinder that come in contact with coffee do not contain BPA. Also, the grinder has a catcher that catches the spill-over grind. BCG800X comes with several practical accessories which include a grind container, a cleaning brush and two port-a-filter cradles (large 58mm and small 50/54mm). Last but not least, Breville advises the following to achieve the optimal performance: grind beans in small batches and do not use dark and oily beans which can clog the grinder when at its finest grind setting.

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BCG800X coffee grinder

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