You need not live in a tiny flat to experience a pressing need for extra storage space now and again. Humans are hoarders by nature and most people tend to hold onto semi-broken, unnecessary or downright unusable stuff for years on end. That’s the most common cause of all storage woes even for owners of decently sized flats – sooner or later, all that accumulated junk and unused stuff is going to come down crashing around your ears. Don’t worry, we have the perfect remedy for you right here: with Harper Wall Storage by Kraft & Ulrich, you can stack all your gear up on a wall and additionally embellish your living space with a set of trendy modular shelves.

Modular wall storage

Crafted from CNC-machined plywood base with oak veneer, Harper Wall Storage is a cool modular wall rack that is simple to mount on any given wall or similar sturdy vertical surface. For superior versatility, Harper Wall Storage can be expanded to hold more gear so it will prove a perfect match for your storage needs however comprehensive these may be. Strong, functional and flexible, the latest Kraft & Ulrich storage unit can accommodate almost any set of items you can think of, from your bike and skateboard, various bike locks, helmets and headphones to small objects like wallets, keys and jewelry.

Harper Wall storage

Accompanied by a host of plug-in accessories such as oak wood boxes, hooks and pegs, powder-coated metal shelves and fabric loops, Harper Wall Storage is highly customizable so you can tailor your new modular rack to fit your storage needs best. This trendy versatile storage unit is available in either pre-set packages or as individual racks and accessories. If you’re finding it hard to cram all your beloved belongings in cupboards and closets around the house and keep the place tidy and clutter-free, order your new Harper Wall Storage now and organize your gear after your own taste as soon as your modular storage system set arrives. [via]

Harper Wall storage

Modular wall storage and shelving

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