Considering that pollution and harmful particles in our environment are increasing and that we spend so much time in our cars, having a car air purifier has become a necessity. Do you have any special requirements when purchasing one? Maybe high efficiency in eradicating odors? Good air purification and ionization properties? Long life? Stylish look? Bettli has come up with a car and home air freshener & purifier that does the trick.

Although, this purifier comes with a 12V DC car adapter, it can also be used in rooms that span up to 161 square feet (15 square meters). Whether you use it for the car or your home, Bettli Car & Home Air Purifier is very efficient when it comes to eliminating lingering odors, formaldehyde PM2.5, smoke, dust, pollen, bacteria and fungi. It also removes the car chair leather smell and other smells, as well as improves the air quality to create a more natural and healthy environment.

Bettli Car Air Purifier

Bettli Car & Home Air Purifier has two power levels and has a revolutionary three-in-one purification system. Its HEPA filter traps particles as small as 0.3 microns (like allergens, dust, smoke, pat dander). The purifier improves the quality of air by charging it with negative ions and breaks down poisonous fumes and VOCs into CO2 and H2O with an 85.2% efficiency.

It comes with a high density Plasmacluster Ion Generator which slots easily into a car cup holder and a long life ion engine (up to 19,000 hours of use). Lastly, Bettli Car & Home Air Purifier looks stylish and deluxe with clean, streamlined design.

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