The GoPure Automotive Clean Air System from Philips is a device that is supposed to do for your car what bulkier air cleaning systems do for your house. It successfully deals with dust, pollen, bacteria, odors and various harmful gasses and other unwanted particles in your car.

The GoPure features a three stage filtering process that includes a pre-filter that removes larger particles, the HEPA filter that eliminates dust, pollen, bad gasses and bacteria and the HESA filter that deals with bad odors like cigarette smoke and the smell of a new car.

The later is reported to be surprisingly dangerous. The new car smell comes from toxic chemicals that stem from newly formed plastics in your car. These chemicals are said to be linked to some serious problems such as birth defects, impaired hearing, liver toxicity and others. We are not sure to what extent this is actually dangerous, but knowing that the Philips GoPure deals with these chemicals with ease can only be good.

Philips GoPure Car Air Purifier 1

The system includes two modes of operation, e.g. two speeds. The normal speed is turned on automatically when your car turns on. The boost mode is switched on manually and it employs a powerful motor that increases the speed of cleaning and makes it possible to clean the air completely in just 10 minutes.

Moreover, the GoPure has an Air Quality Improvement Indicator which is essentially a sensor with an LED indicator that changes colors in order to inform you of the quality of the air in your vehicle. For example, if the indicator is light purple, the air is bad, deep purple means that the air is good and if the indicator is blue, the air is of the best quality.

Philips GoPure Car Air Purifier 2

The Filter Replacement Indicator is pretty self-explanatory. It shows you when it is time to replace your filters. It is important to know that the system includes one HEPA and three HESA filters and all of them are easy to replace with no tools required.

The Night Driving Mode is essentially a light sensor that automatically dims in order to reduce the glare during nighttime.

The GoPure system is easy to install and use. There are two mounting options – the suction cup that can place it on any flat surface and the headrest mount, both of which are included. You will also get a 12V plug for the car’s lighter power source that turns the GoPure the moment you turn on your car.

So, there you go. Clean air on the go is available almost instantly, whether you have a smoker in your car, a pet, or any other air pollutant.

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Philips GoPure Car Air Purifier 3

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