5 Technology Tools to Support Learning Design

It is a known fact that the use of technology boosts our learning today even though it is also known to distract and take away the strictness from the educational process. The purpose here is to implement a clever learning design that will reflect the skills and the age group of the students. Be it school or a college environment, it is the responsibility of a teacher to adjust a certain environment that will make it easier to learn remotely, as it is a frequent case these days, or to design an interactive medium where students can stay safe and feel that they belong to what they learn.

5 Technology Tools to Support Learning Design

1. Socrative.

The chances are high that you have already heard of Socrative before or encountered it while browsing the web. The purpose of this great CMS tool is to let students understand complex concepts and prepare activities not before the lesson starts but when it is already running, right on the fly. Track the progress of every student and see what changes can be made immediately to make things a bit more detailed if necessary. Based on various surveys and multimedia elements, you can design your lessons right away with a set of helpful tools that are already included. It also makes it easier to meet deadlines and avoid skipping the modules that haven’t been mastered yet.

2. Kahoot!

There are finally some tools that are aimed at students to help them participate in creative work. It will let one add something interesting for tasks with multimedia elements, research writing, and other data-heavy assignments. As a student, you can also share things with your classmates. It feels like playing video games and makes learning way more interesting. Of course, it is easy to get lost in time, which is why some essays help is often necessary. Don’t let it frighten you as you can ask for assistance with proofreading or just editing things to perfectness. It’s totally normal and a legit way as learning online always takes time and it is easy to get lost with all the apps at play!

3. Class Dojo.

Speaking of games and entertainment, it’s not bad to add some gamification to your classroom experience. Class Dojo lets you design your avatars, control classroom activity, behavior, academic merits, participation in team projects, discussion activity, and more. The teachers can create special graphs and reports that help to distribute assignments and use learning metrics based on the success or failure of certain methods. If you need some creative ideas, you can check WritingUniverse for amazing free sample ideas of various essays. This way you can learn how to create inspiring projects and add more subjects to your classroom activities.

4. Edvoice.

It’s one of the best tools for planning your lessons, creating interactive rubrics, messaging students, sending notifications, and even controlling and preventing bullying cases. If you are after learning design features, look no further!

5. Background Noise.

This great technology tool is one of the most unique on our list because it helps to get rid of distractions by using actual noise to help students concentrate on learning. While it’s naturally perceived as the opposite, it helps to “drown in” the actual noise that may be present in the classroom. It helps students focus on what they learn by distracting themselves as little as possible. As one of the tools that support learning design, it works for both younger and older learners.

Creating The Leaders

The purpose of supporting the learning design is in the combination of existing learning methods with the technology that is being used. For example, turning to the most famous Google Classroom solution, teachers must focus on what the students do and share certain responsibilities and user privileges with them. It will help to create strong leaders and conscious learners who can analyze information and notice the minor and major differences in the teaching methods that they approach. It will also help to stay in cooperation for the team projects as the youngsters learn to lead and to follow given instructions regardless of what tools have been used.

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