6 Ways How Intuitive Tools Can Make Life Better for Teachers and Students

Learning these days is quite challenging both for teachers and students as the majority of learning takes place remotely. It poses certain challenges for children who found it hard to learn even before the Covid-19 pandemic broke into the world, including children with disabilities, which is why using intuitive learning tools is essential these days. Regardless if it is Quizlet with interactive projects where students participate or more complex solutions like Socrative, the purpose is to keep things fun and accessible for all.

6 Ways How Intuitive Tools Can Make Life Better For Students and Teachers

1. Buncee.

Unlike more complex tools like Trello or Socrative, Buncee is more student-friendly and works as a platform that lets students connect from any location. It allows teachers to create activities based on templates that may go beyond the classroom as one seeks homework assistance. The students may share their concerns with each other and discuss school subjects. Since it is done online, it will count towards your final grade. However, there may be additional tasks that are hard to cope with, which is why it may be good to ask for help with essays and let the experts provide you with anything from topic selection to proofreading guidance.

2. Bakpax.

Most importantly, it is free for teachers that implement remote learning, which is why it shouldn’t be missed! It’s one of those amazing AI-based tools that grades assignments automatically by offering feedback for students and teachers as well. It is a great time-saver and an assistive tool that truly makes life easier for teachers. It also helps to avoid plagiarism issues in certain cases. You can check the LetsGradeIt website to learn more about how computer memory technology is helping to give modern education a boost.

3. Quizlet.

One of the best apps for creative teachers and students who want to learn with the help of visual instruments. There are thousands of templates available online and a friendly community of educators. Just enter some keywords to find what you need, and edit things a little to fit your original lesson. This way even the most complex concepts can be made easier. It’s also a great way to learn a foreign language as there will be examples dealing with the same part of a curriculum.

4. Nearpod VR.

It’s one of the best achievements in the field of virtual reality. Using Nearpod VR, you can explore subjects like Chemistry, History, Biology, and Physics in 3D. If this concept is totally new to you, you can download various tutorials (about 450 blocks) to learn how it works. It helps to keep students inspired and adds an element of gamification and creative thinking.

5. Learn Around The World.

If you ever wanted to show your students what it’s like in remote parts of the world, Learn Around The World is one of the best intuitive tools to consider. It stands for collaboration with educators from all across our planet. It makes it possible to connect your students to the world as they explore the world virtually and follow various guest speakers.

6. Glogster.

It is a great tool to consider for the creation of interactive posts and enhancing the usual school or college workflow. It is a great way to keep a positive mindset as a student going through challenges, as you can look through over 50,000 templates based on 80 topics and over ten school disciplines. It is like a small presentation project that every modern learner will enjoy.

Blogging For K-12 Students

We often hear that all modern schoolchildren do these days relates to social media and blogging, which is not far from the truth. Therefore, it is vital to focus on intuitive tools like Fan School to let modern young learners create something unique and inspiring. Such blogs will only be accessible to the school environment or a network of schools in your area, which is why the younger learners will be safe from negative comments or trolls. It is also one of the best ways to let creative students learn by applying all their skills and technical knowledge.

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