5 Spheres and Professions Not Affected by Coronavirus

The Covid-19 pandemic has taught us a lot about life. It’s taught us how important our loved ones are but also how we have the ability to continue life because of technology. As people and businesses have been forced to alter their approach to living, it’s enabled us to explore technology and how it enables several professions to operate as normal. The data cited by Forbes suggests that the use of this site has increased dramatically during the pandemic, and that also reaches into the following professions and spheres.

EdTech Projects

Children have suffered at the mercy of Coronavirus, as classrooms have been forced to close. During the beginning of the pandemic, it was a learning curve for schools, colleges, and universities, but now, technology has enabled pupils to continue learning in a new way. EdTech or education technology has improved collaboration, allowing pupils and teachers to undertake lessons from home. Teachers have had the ability to provide pupils with shared documents. Furthermore, students have been able to continue learning at a pace that suits them. More importantly, it’s allowed teachers to communicate with students while they work on documents and tasks, giving students an immersive learning experience, despite the geographical distance between them and teachers. The educational experience has also become personalized, giving teachers the scope to allow pupils, but more importantly, it’s also given them the ability to manage the classroom virtually.

FoodTech Projects

Another industry that’s been affected by lockdowns and restrictions is the food industry. From fine-dining restaurants to fast food outlets, they’ve all been forced to close their doors and look at new opportunities to provide their food to customers. So, as people have been unable to visit their premises, they have turned to offer takeaways and deliveries.

Making this possible can prove to be a logistical nightmare for restaurants, but technology has provided a wealth of solutions that’s enabled them to continue selling and serving food. Online food delivering and ordering platforms have given every food business the opportunity to continue offering a service. These platforms make it possible to offer their menus, take orders and arrange collection and deliveries. More importantly, it’s given food businesses the opportunity to continue making money which has been critical to their survival during the pandemic.

Online Communication Tools

The internet has provided us with an innovative way of communicating with others. Since the late 1990s and into the early 2000s, tools such as MSN messenger and Skype provided us with communication opportunities that have changed our lives for the better. The introduction of webcams and video messaging software is also nothing new, but the pandemic has taken it to new levels.

Social distancing and lockdowns have meant that keeping in contact with family members and work colleagues has come to a grinding halt. Despite this, online communication tools have allowed us to continue enjoying many areas of our lives.

We’ve been able to share videos and messages through social media, while YouTube has also made it possible to share videos and more. When we consider work meetings or online gatherings with family and colleagues, Zoom has proved a real pandemic hit with people, and its popularity has exploded. Whether it’s been seeing loved ones, enjoying online pub-style quizzes, or carrying out work meetings, it’s made it possible to stay connected.

One other area that’s also changed is dating. While online dating has been enjoyed by millions, it’s become an outlet for people to communicate and stay connected. From searching for singles and enjoying meeting new people to chatting and flirting, it’s all given people something to take their mind off the ongoing pandemic and to feel slightly normal.

Streaming Services

There’s no denying that TV shows and films play an integral role in our lives. However, the pandemic has taught us just how much we enjoy watching the latest films and shows. With shows postponing filming and films being stopped, online streaming services have given us an element of escapism as well as something to focus on. Whether it’s been catching up on our favorite old shows or finding new shows and films, streaming services have become our savior during the pandemic.

There is something for the adults with the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime, while children also have a wealth of options with the likes of Disney+. Having plenty of options and streaming services to choose from, people have been able to fill their time while also giving them something to enjoy during a time that has proven to be rather challenging for people.

Online Retailers

Whether there’s a pandemic or not, we still require clothing, books, toys, and all other kinds of equipment. Fortunately, online retailers have continued to sell and provide all the items that we need. The ability to shop online and continue purchasing items has made the pandemic more manageable for people, particularly when shops are closed. While online shopping is nothing new, online retailers have been required to step up their game and make their shopping experiences streamlined and efficient.

As the pandemic has affected every corner of our lives, many professions have flourished, and all of this has been driven by technology and the online world. Fortunately, technology has made it possible to live our lives in a relatively normal way, which is especially welcome during the most challenging time that many of us have experienced.

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