3 Apps That Help Make Traveling Easy

Traveling is frustrating for so many reasons. Whether you have trouble keeping your budget in mind or tired of overused tourist companies, it’s evident that changes need to be made. Luckily, there’s an app for that. These three applications exist to help tourists make the most out of their trips without breaking the bank or driving themselves up a wall.

Trail Wallet

Most people feel like they’ve overspent on their vacation before they even get to leave on it. With so many new experiences, foods, and people – it can be easy to lose track of how much money you’re spending. Fortunately, Trail Wallet helps fix that problem.

This travel expenses calculator treats your expenses as a journal of location, money spent and helps you keep track of your budget. You can quickly add what you’re spending money, and when, and check to make sure you’re not overspending. This app will save you from the dreaded feeling of being travel-poor where you’re strapped for cash until you return home.

It can’t stop you from spending, but it can ensure you make an informed decision on your next purchase.

This app is available on iOs, but unfortunately not Android devices yet. An Android-compatible version may be coming soon, though.


The name of this brand is well known around the entire world. If you travel and hate overspending on hotels that you don’t stay in for more than a night, Airbnb can help you out. This app allows travelers to rent rooms or homes from locals. This deal is great for countless reasons, including the money you save. You also get the chance to see wherever you’re traveling from a local point of view and feel less like a tourist.

You can also list your home or apartment for rent while traveling so that you can make some of your travel expenses back. The site takes a small fee off the top, but it’s worth it to turn an empty Halton real estate space into extra income.

This app is available on both iOs and Android, as well as on computer browsers.


If you want to travel, but aren’t ready to be in contact with too many people yet, Detour is the app for you. It offers unlimited languages because of its extensive userbase; it also has audio for almost every city out there.

Detour offers a GPS based audio tour of most major cities. A local will talk you through all of the stops, and underground places you’d want to know. Since the tour is from someone who lives in the area, you’ll get more details than random travel blogs or commercial tourism companies. The fact that it’s an audio tour means that you’ll be able to avoid forced contact with strangers, your vacation can be about you and the people you want to be there.

Unfortunately, this app is only available for Android so far, but there are plans to move forward with an iOs application as well!

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