How to Save for a Vacation: Practical Tips for Budget-Friendly Travel

Looking for answers on how to save for a vacation? You’re in luck! Use this roundup for great, practical tips to enjoy budget-friendly travel options!

Many people dream about taking a vacation but put it off because they think they can’t afford it. Worse, they worry that taking time off will cause them to lose a step at work. That is a shame because vacations benefit your physical and mental health, which can only improve your work performance.
It’s also a shame because many people can afford to take a vacation if they take practical steps in advance. If you’re in need of a vacation, keep reading for some practical tips on how to save for a vacation.

Plan Ahead

Before you can start the saving process, you need an idea of what your vacation will cost. That starts with choosing your vacation. You may decide a Mediterranean cruise is the perfect vacation or that a week at a mountain cabin is what you need.

Once you decide, you can do some preliminary investigation and get some ballpark numbers for tickets, rentals, and spending money. You take that number and divide it by the number of months between now and vacation time. That gives you a monthly savings goal.

Budget Trimming

Most people can find things they don’t need in their budget. Look for subscriptions you don’t use, like streaming video services or gym memberships, and cancel them. Get yourself an insulated travel coffee mug and cut out the morning stops at Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts.

Grocery shopping accounts for a big chunk of most household budgets. While you shouldn’t deny yourself essentials, you can opt for inexpensive alternatives. Off-brand cereals and canned goods often prove nearly indistinguishable from name brand counterparts.

Avoid Restaurants

Most people enjoy eating out or ordering in their meals. You also pay a huge markup for that food. Making and eating food at home is almost always the cheaper option.

Let’s say you hit a fast-food drive-thru three times a week at $5 a pop. That’s a $60 monthly fast food bill. If you’ve got a year until your vacation, skipping the drive-thru can save you $720 toward that trip.

Part-Time Work

Even with budget trimming and avoiding restaurants, saving enough for a vacation often calls for bringing in more money. That means finding part-time work that you can do around your regular job. Some of your part-time options include:
• Pet sitting
• Rideshare companies
• Delivery Driver
• Newspaper Delivery
• Freelancing
Just make sure the job doesn’t demand a time commitment that will leave you constantly exhausted.

Deciding How to Save for a Vacation

Deciding how to save for a vacation isn’t an all-or-nothing proposition. Not every tactic will work for every person.
If you already take a pass on restaurants most of the time or don’t have subscriptions, you can’t cut those things out. If you work less than full-time, though, picking up part-time work might prove the ideal choice for you.

As you go into the saving process, you must look at your current situation and decide which tactics best suit your circumstances and lifestyle.

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