Give us a kettle that doesn’t drip, keeps beverages hot for a very long time, and looks stylish any day. Swedish company MENU and Danish architecture / design studio Norm Architects (Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen Kasper & Ronn) have collaborated again, and this time around they have designed a combination of a kettle and a jug that is drip-free, easy to clean, functional and original in appearance. The result is MENU’s Thermo Kettle Jug, a product inspired by both Asian and contemporary Bauhaus teapots with Nordic touch.

Thermo Kettle Jug

MENU strives for originality in design, and their Thermo Kettle Jug is a great example of that. Apart from being innovative, it is also practical and cool. This kettle / jug is made from plastic, silicone, and stainless steel with a replaceable glass insert. It has a drip-free silicone spout that can be removed, as well as an indicator which shows whether the kettle is open or closed. The Thermo Kettle Jug’s bulky handle provides for a secure grip. The kettle comes in two colours – Carbon and Ash, its dimensions are 7″ x 10″ x 7″, and it can take up to a litre of fluid.

If you fill the kettle with hot coffee, after six hours the coffee will still be hot. Not warm or lukewarm, but piping hot! Remarkable, huh?

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Thermo Kettle Jug by Menu

Thermo Kettle Jug

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