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Last week marked some new releases and news and it’s our tradition to look back at it and bring you at least some of them. Make sure you don’t miss out on anything with Our Selections Of The Week segment.

1 – Tepui SkyCamp Tents

an image of four Tepui SkyCamp Tents

Here’s something new from Tepui – a durable rooftop tent for camping off the grounds.

Rooftop camping isn’t just for those who have a vehicle. Each SkyCamp Tent from Tepui comes with a wooden structure for mounting the tent and a built-in bench at the bottom. The area below the tent is great for keeping yourself protected from elements and enjoying a meal (don’t forget to pack mosquito repellent). Tents come in different sizes and a wooden ladder.

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2 – Breville Oracle Touch Coffee Maker

stainless steel coffee maker

A stainless steel espresso machine to begin your day with.

The main features of this coffee machine are those elements that make a perfect cup – automatic grinding, tamping, and dosing. Breville Oracle Touch also comes with porta-filter, low-pressure pre-infusion and precise temperature control. Coffee has a smooth silky foam and is ready in less than a minute. The touchscreen on the front is easy to use and allows you to make a cup according to your taste by choosing the coffee strength, milk texture, and temperature. Once you master a particular taste, the machine can remember it so you have the same coffee each time (it can memorize up to 8 specs).

BUY | $2499

3 – Ali: A Life

an image of Muhammad Ali

The biography of Muhammad Ali written by a New York Times best-selling author Jonathan Eig.

Jonathan Eig, a New York Times best-selling author, made the ultimate biography of Muhammad Ali, the most famous heavyweight boxer on the planet. The author had access to some of the most influential people in Ali’s life (his managers and three wives). The idea behind Ali: A Life was to tell Ali’s story that was never available in that form and in the complexity he deserves. While writing it, Eig conducted over 500 interviews. The most interesting part, he uncovered thousands of pages of FBI and Justice Department documents that were never seen before.

BUY | $20.40

4 – Topo Designs Puffer Hoodie

two colors of Topo Designs Puffer Hoodie

A lightweight jacket that can be used for both mountain travel and city streets.

Thanks to the lightweight PrimaLoft fill, you can easily pack this hoodie wherever you decide to go. The fact that it’s so compressible makes it its main feature. The hoodie is made from nylon ripstop material and comes with a hood and two side zippered hand pockets. The oversized zipper full-front closure allows you to wear more layers underneath it and keep the warmth from leaving your body. Just like the rest of their products, Puffer Hoodie comes with a lifetime guarantee. Available in different color combinations.

BUY | $249

5 – Escher Tiny House

Escher Tiny House exterior at night

The new tiny home from New Frontier Tiny Homes.

We learned about New Frontier Tiny Homes when we covered their Alpha house and now it’s time to present their newest design. Escher Tiny House is mounted on a 33ft long triple-axle trailer and is bigger than the Alpha model. The 300-square-foot area comes equipped with luxury amenities and fully equipped kitchen and bathroom. The house has a recognizable style – wooden floors and exterior with large sliding glass doors. Inside, you can pull out a table and sit up to 12 people. Not to forget the master bed, a walk-in closet, loft bedroom for kids and a convertible office space.

See more images of the house here.

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6 – Stainless Steel Bottle Grinders

two sets of Stainless Steel Bottle Grinders

Minimalistic grinders created by Danish firm Norm Architects.

This set of bottle grinders is made from a combination of brushed steel and walnut and designed by Danish architects. You will find a subtle S and P sign on them but they can be used for sprinkling a variety of condiments. The design is elegant and minimalistic, goes along with any kitchen style.

BUY | $140

7 – Hugh Hefner 1926-2017

People may have different opinions about Hugh Hefner as he led a sex revolution throughout the planet. The founder of Playboy may be a controversial figure but he built an empire. Last week marked the death of the icon making this a perfect time to remember an interview he had with The New York Times in 2008.

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