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5 Vintage Interior Design Trends That Made a Comeback

Retro-inspired home trends can be seen everywhere these days. Our love of vintage styles inspires us to incorporate design elements of the glorious past to add a distinctive character to our decor. Year after year, we witness a growing fondness in people for the trends of the bygone times – be it in clothing or …

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Vintage Jeep Desk | By Canett Furniture


If you’re looking for a cool piece of furniture to update your office or retro themed home, guys from Canett Furniture have something awesome to offer. Their Jeep Desk is a piece not only vintage car lovers will adore but anyone having a thing for repurposed furniture. This furniture company located in Denmark created a 130-pound desk using a recycled Jeep …

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Bell Bullitt Carbon | A Modern Helmet With Vintage Style


There is nothing quite like cruising down the highway on your bike when you’ve got a lot on your mind. There comes a point where it seems that you are simply floating above the tarmac and the world is moving past you. Complete exhilaration! However, every rider also knows that both safety and style is …

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