5 Vintage Interior Design Trends That Made a Comeback

Retro-inspired home trends can be seen everywhere these days. Our love of vintage styles inspires us to incorporate design elements of the glorious past to add a distinctive character to our decor.

Year after year, we witness a growing fondness in people for the trends of the bygone times – be it in clothing or home decor. Everyone likes to feel connected to the past. Leaning into the comfort of nostalgia through a well-styled home that incorporates vintage-inspired accessories and big, bold patterns is a common way for old-timers to continue living in the past.

And they say that trends always stay in style. This inspires younger generations to want to explore and experiment with Victorian wooden furniture, botanical wallpapers, statement accents, antiques, geometric patterns, graphic art, and more.

If you enjoy discovering new styles and implementing them in your home decor, our compilation below of seven ‘on-trend’ vintage styles will inspire you to redecorate your place.

Mixing Eras

We know a part of you yearns for the past, and another part wants to embrace the modern. Even if you create a vintage vibe in your house, you can still use modern art pieces and accessories. You can take the hand-me-downs from your loved ones and reimagine them to complement your style. With online stores like Etsy that sell vintage items, more people are turning to this trend to create unique home interiors.

Ornate French Mirrors

A French-style mirror lends an appealing touch to the aesthetics of a traditionally styled home. You cannot pass on this mirror if you want to add a pomp of vintage style to your home decor.

Blending functionality and artistic flair, these mirrors are becoming popular for wall decorations. You can place one in a wallpaper-adorned foyer, an elegant bathroom, or as an accent on a gallery wall. Available in various shapes and sizes, a French mirror can conveniently fit into your interior design. These can be found at luxury interior accessories stores or purchased via companies that provide interior design services.

Postmodern Style

Signature big, bold geometric patterns, vibrant colors, and pop art are prominent markers of postmodern style. These were all the rage back in the ’80s.

The prevailing mood of that era greatly influenced the interiors of 1980s residential and office spaces. Vibrant colors with a hint of playfulness in contrast to softer, elegant hues filled people’s homes and offices. Those who loved pastels painted their houses light blue, green, pink, or purple.

Repurposed Furniture

Repurposing old furniture stowed away in your attic and breathing new life into it can add that quaint charm to your living room. For instance, a record cabinet can be transformed into a stylish drink cart. You could also create a vintage keeping room showcasing your cherished furniture pieces.

Earth Tones

The trending Earthy tones derive inspiration from the stunning colors of desert sunsets. Combining shades like terracotta, rust, marigold, and dusty rose produces a harmonious palette that exudes a rejuvenating vintage vibe that puts you in mind of a visit to a desert spa.

These hues can also serve as a paint color for the walls or rugs, seamlessly enhancing the ambiance of any room. In a nutshell, vintage interior design trends are here to stay. They are timeless, offer comfort, and employ elements of ‘neo-traditionalism,’ i.e., old and new styles. These trends can be easily recognized from a mile away and promise to stay stylish even as years roll by.

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