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Electric Jellyfish Aquarium


We all need something to brighten up our desks; it improves your mood, makes your environment look good, and it increases your productivity. If you were looking for something unique, then a jellyfish tank would be perfect, but we don’t always have the means to care for a jellyfish. If you are part of the …

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Orbit 20 | LED Illuminated Desktop Jellyfish Aquarium


There are some pretty cool desk accessories out there, but there is nothing as cool as the Orbit 20 Desktop Jellyfish Aquarium. You and your office guests are bound to be entertained for hours. Besides…Jellyfish! Unique and functional, this is something that everyone should have in their home offices. Essentially, it’s a working piece of …

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Jellyfish Aquarium | By Jellyfish Art


Have you ever wanted to own a magnificent Jellyfish that’ll make you look like some kind of a Bond villain? Well, now you can, because this affordable Jellyfish Aquarium By Jellyfish Art will provide you with a nicely designed aquarium, supplies and a jellyfish, of course. Pre-order from Kickstarter here. This stunningly designed cylinder nano …

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