Orbit 20 | LED Illuminated Desktop Jellyfish Aquarium


There are some pretty cool desk accessories out there, but there is nothing as cool as the Orbit 20 Desktop Jellyfish Aquarium. You and your office guests are bound to be entertained for hours. Besides…Jellyfish!

Unique and functional, this is something that everyone should have in their home offices. Essentially, it’s a working piece of desk art that also allows you to study the fascinating life cycles of Jellyfish.

The tank itself has a 23-liter (6.07 gallon) capacity and is LED illuminated. This tank is perfect for juvenile or smaller species of Jellyfish. Check out the video below.

Orbit 20 with blue lighting

The LED lighting is controlled via the IR remote control. This allows you to have complete control over the mood of the room.

Furthermore, the construction of this tank is pristine and made of high-quality components and premium grade acrylic for an exceptionally clean view. All of the components are precisely cut to shape via CNC technology and, unlike other aquariums, the Orbit 20 is completely assembled by hand. This ensures only the best quality.

Considering that the tank only utilizes one moving part, a small DC pump, it’s operation is almost completely noiseless. This also means that you get to do your work in peace.

Orbit 20 with purple lighting

The different LED colors allows you to completely immersive yourself in the alien world of the the jellyfish.

Operation of the tank is also made extremely simple. The entire aquarium was designed in such a manner that the water flow keeps your jellies away from the outlets.   In addition, the filtration system will maintain the optimal water levels for your jellies to thrive in.

Also, the filtration system is hidden in the outer ring of the aquarium. Firstly, the water passes through the sponge where detritus is removed and then through a porous ceramic bio media where bacteria breakdown any unwanted particles.

To top it all off, the Orbit 20 also comes with an IR remote that allows you to control the LED lights and even their color to suit your particular mood that day.

Now, all you need is jellyfish!

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