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What Do You Need to Know About CBD Oil for Dogs?

Products containing cannabidiol (CBD) are rapidly gaining popularity among humans and animals. Veterinarians and pet parents are now wondering whether CBD could be an alternative option for several pet health conditions. There’s a lot of information available on the internet about CBD oil for dogs, just as there is with any pet wellness trend, and …

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Top CBD Gummies on the Market Today

CBD gummies are a super fun way to provide your body with a good CBD burst while enjoying a tasty treat. Not only do CBD gummies combine everyone’s favorite sweet treat with the health benefits of CBD, but they are also super discreet and easy to consume. With so many benefits over many other CBD …

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Will CBD Edibles Show on a Drug Test?

We wish we could answer this question with a firm ‘no.’ After all, drug screenings check for THC-COOH metabolites and are more concerned about finding evidence of marijuana use than any other cannabinoid. CBD is non-intoxicating, so users are theoretically in no danger of being stoned at work. Unfortunately, the unregulated nature of the CBD …

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