Cannabis and Sex – What A High Can Do for You

Cannabis has a mixed reputation when we are talking about sex. You might have heard theories about libido-boosting powers, reducing sperm count, erectile dysfunction, etc. However, things are much more complicated than those simple assumptions. We can consider social, biological, and psychological factors, but the main problem is that good sex means different for different people.

High cannabis could have many physically and psychologically effects. Cannabis users have noted that cannabis can improve their sex lives. It affects sex life in many ways, and cannabis and sex go well together. You might go via the link to know more about the best weed for sex.

The high could have such effects as creative thinking, empathic understanding, better perception of our body, etc. All of them can be significant when it comes to sexual lives. However, you should remember that libido is complicated, and multiple factors affect a person’s sex drive and desire. That is why cannabis can’t be the only decision to the problem. So let’s take a look at how marijuana can enhance your sex life.

Cannabis overview

There are 113 cannabinoids in a cannabis plant. The most popular of them are CBD and THC. THC is the phytocannabinoid responsible for the feeling of high. CBD doesn’t have such a psychoactive effect and can’t cause high, but it has an anti-inflammatory effect and can reduce anxiety.

These days marijuana is still illegal under federal law but is allowed in some states. Unlike THC, CBD is legal under federal law and can be sold online.

Because of ongoing legalization, we know much more about cannabis and sex. Cannabis can strengthen our feeling because of our cannabinoid system. It is a significant physiological system to which CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids bind, causing the effects. These effects can make sex much more enjoyable. However, remember the dosage because too much THC will lead to anxiety and failure.

Cannabis can reduce sex-related anxiety

Cannabis contains THC and CBD, which are cannabinoids. Both of them can help people to overcome stress and anxiety. THC in low doses and CBD can reduce anxiety and causes relaxation. Unless high amounts of THC can cause anxiety, the question is what can be considered a large amount. For some people, 10 mg is too much. Others can use 100 mg and feel great. If you feel anxious during sex and concentrate on anxious thoughts, you might try cannabis.

A sensual effect of cannabis high

Marijuana has been used for hundreds and thousands of years for many goals and in many cultures. It is said that cannabis was used in tantric sex to bring one’s mind to the here and now moment. However, even without this tantric practice, many marijuana users have noted the sensitive effect of cannabis. When they are high, they focus on the moment and relax. Cannabis users forget about other problems and concentrate on the here and now. All their attention is on their partner and feelings.

The sensations of your body are intensified, and you can experience them in more depth. Every moment appears more intense and detailed. You may feel separated from the past and future.

Cannabis increases the amount of sex you’re having

Cannabis users have more frequent sex than others. This study contradicts the previous research. A study from 2017 from the Stanford University School of Medicine states there is a positive correlation between cannabis use and sexual activity. Other studies stated cannabis enhances pleasure or how affects performance. So it brings interesting results, especially while cannabis is becoming popular worldwide.

Cannabis and erectile dysfunction

Some small studies state that marijuana use can lead to erectile dysfunction. However, it isn’t the final verdict. There isn’t enough evidence to make it true. At least one study found no link between cannabis users and the controlled group. The risk is almost the same as for tobacco smokers. Nowadays, we can’t say that cannabis can lead to ED.

Marijuana could make you more creative in sex

If you feel that you are in a sexual routine, or you might feel lazy and don’t want to have sex, marijuana may help you. If you take too much THC, it can lead to anxiety, but if you take the right dose for your organism, it will help you to focus and be active. Such an effect can keep sex creative and try something new with your partner rather than fall back into your usual routine.


Cannabis and sex can easily go well together. It could be a brand new experience for everyone. Many smokers state that their feelings when they are high and having sex are much stronger than usual. However, we don’t have enough data to be sure that there are no consequences for smokers. What we know for sure is that the dosage plays a significant role. If it is too high, the sex won’t be a pleasure and might lead to anxiety problems.

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